Eddie Sparr

Many types of artists run in Eddie’s family, so it wasn’t surprising that his interest started very early. Scrounging, as his father put it, filled many an hour for him as a child. Constantly looking for interesting bits and pieces of life that may have been left or lost, Eddie collected. He collected shells, rocks, insects, rusted pieces of metal, coins stamps, and just about anything he deemed interesting enough to save.

Eddie quickly noticed these objects were very special in that no one piece was ever exactly like another. This variety led to a new way of looking at everything for him. Seeing the form and not just the object, he found joy in making them unidentifiable from their original form or function, bringing out new beauty.

Exposing this beauty and the relationship between mechanics and biological organisms is the main theme of the Numanity Collection. The collection explores the connection between mechanical structures and our own human structures, exploring how similarities are not always coincidental but deliberate, borrowed from Nature herself.

Eddie continues to ‘scrounge’ to this day as he increases his varied interests in art. Often times the most basic of pieces will send him to create the most intricate work. Not relegated to one medium, he stretches his creative talents over a vast array of art forms.