December 8th – January 28th  “Scenes from the Movements”

December 8th – January 28th “Scenes from the Movements”

Noise Art Space is pleased to present Chris Maker’s first solo exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints, and constructions. This exhibition traces Maker’s movements through the documentation of perception; based on the”composition” of place, culture, and the political state. Maker’s shifts in perception are triggered by his training in art, architecture, and city planning and provide for a continuous cross disciplinary dialogue. As Maker has stated, “what I can’t do in one, I do in another”.

Trained in studio art and a former city planning professional, Chris Maker also studied at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture located in Scottsdale. This show is a comprehensive survey of his work ranging from enamel paintings to recent work in design and architecture.

Maker is: “interested in the literal and metaphoric signs in the environment and the ways in which they shape perceptions, social interactions, and daily activities”. He documents this “vision” as an artist with strong philosophical references often using narratives taken from city planning, architecture, and video games.